Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 1

ok so this my very first Wordless Wednesday and it will, indeed, have words. i want to explain what this is all about so that you can join in! The idea here is to use your photo taking skillz during the week and get one pic youd like to share with the world. make it something beautiful, or something ugly, something funny, or something serious. it just has to be taken BY YOU and then you can post it to your blog. no words or explinations. just a photo and a title. my titles will always be "Wordless Wednesday___" and a number in the blank. ill let you all take what you will from the photo i post. i really hope that many of you join in the fun.

i have started a flicker group for you to upload your photo to each week. that way its easy for every one to see everyone elses pix each week. so go join the Wordless Wednesday Flicker Group. there is also a whole Livejournal group just for this so if you wanna join up over there common! Wordless Wednesday LJ Group

also my friend ashley said shed make us an icon (which she did. its up there *points*) that we could put in our side bar. go ahead take it and pimp our group. thanks ashley its aweosme!!!! i will link mine to this post i think. that way when people click it they can see what WW is all about and then join the flicker group from here. please do the same for your icon if you want to put one in the side bar of your blog. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

ok now pretend i didnt say ANY of that and check out my Wordless Wednesday Pic:


KreatedByKelly said...

That's awesome that you started a flickr group Pren! I've been doing Wordless Wednesday off and on for a long time, but it never occurred to me to do a flickr group *smiles*

Pren said...

yay! well come join! you are the most experienced of the bunch. show us how its done!