Thursday, January 22, 2009

the weirdest thing ive ever crocheted

maybe you thought that the adipose baby was a weird thing to crochet, or the kiwi bird, well this one takes the cake! yup thats a pink fairy armadillo. weird huh? well my friend cecilia collects armadillo stuff. so i thought this would be her armadillo christmas. i crocheted this little guy and i think he came out cute. i just winged it and didnt write down a pattern, sorry folks, but i couldnt imagine a stampeede of crocheters wanting to make their very own pink fairy armadillo.

this is a washcloth with an armadillo on it. i go the pattern here and i dont think this one was very successfull cause i used the wrong yarn. i think it would have shown up better in a solid yarn instead of the speckled stuff i used but you can kinda see it.

and lastly a little teeny pink fairy armadillo book mark cause like what kinda armidillo fan are you if you dont have one of those?


pj said...

That is very cute!

And K says Adipose are not wierd, they are adorable. And cuddly. :)

Pren said...

thanks. and k is right!

Jennifer Ofenstein said...

Fascinating and slightly icky looking, all at the same time!