Monday, April 28, 2008

the period pleats project

ok so heres a little update on my dresses that i am hopefully going to be wearing to Potrero. the start of this thread is in the post a few things its #2 thing. :0) ok so the purple dress bodice is 99% done.the only thing i have left to do is put the eyelets in. and yes SCAers i know its not period but its easier. the cartridge pleating is going well but slow and i couldnt find button hole thread in this color purple so im just doubling up reagular thread. hope it holds up. this site has good pictures on what cartridge pleating is. so im a bit further along than this but heres the bodice:

i have also started a petticoat that will be knife pleated it is reversible light and dark grey and made using the directions found here. i decided to fold the light grey onto the dark grey side of the petticoat so that it looks like a hem gaurd. i am also going to put a black ribbon along the join area of those two colors basically i bag lined the light grey with the dark grey then folded up the hem end up towards the dark grey side. i will sewing ribbon onto the edge by machine and then hand sew it to the dark grey side probably. if i machine sew it on then the stitching will show up on the otherside and it wont really be reversible. this fabric is really thin though so i dont know if it will hold up the weight with out puckering. well we'll see! if not i can always just leave it plain on the bottom. just grey on one side and dark grey on the is a picture of the folded up hem:
i also started a kahki twill dress that is drafted from the same pattern that i made the front lacing bodice out of except this one is side lacing. well side back really but its not easy fitting yourself so i think its comming out pretty well. the skirt for this one will be box pleated. it is totally done just not attached are some pix of the bodice gromits are also going on this one:

i started to get sewlzheimers (when you have been sewing for sooooo long that you start to forget thing you know you should know. like "oops i put that sleeve on upside down." or the ever popular "oops i sewed the right side to the wrong side and now my seam is on the outside.")

Sunday, April 27, 2008

some more things

#1) The Chads home YAY!!!!!! and he brought ma a super cool present. check out these chocolates. they are almost too pretty to eat.
#2) how lucky am i? i bought this saddle brown denim for really cheap and figured id go ahead and use it to make an SCA dress. yeah yeah i know denim isnt period. i know. i just dont really mind that much. i totally underestimated the weight of this stuff however. i thought it would be like a twill aaaaaaaand its not. the dress is gonna weigh like 40 pounds. i also figured i would use this almost free pistachio colored cotton velvet for the hem gaurds and some trim. ok so i know the color combo sounds kinda ugly and it is. but i like it. anyways back to the point. i went to walmart and found an exact match satin pistachio colored ribbon for 1 dollar a spool!!!!! needless to say i bought three. who knows how im gonna use that but i couldnt believe the color match. check it out.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

diagon alley swap

ok so on the harry potter crafts group every other month is a swap month. meaning that i make something for someone and they make something for me. there is a theme that you are supposed to stick to but you can make whatever you want. well march was the last swap and i got paired with lidia from spain! the theme was diagon alley, which meant that anything that you could buy in diagon alley you could make and send to your partner. you can of course see waaaaay more pix and get all the juicy details about what i sent and what i received here at Wilcox Wizars Wares but for now hows about some teaser pix?

Friday, April 25, 2008

a few things

#1) i have a festering wound on my leg. hahaha. ok dont get scared there wont be pix or anything i really did a number on my ankle bone while shaving in a hurry. The Chad says i am suffering from RUI (razoring under the influence) "ok so i had two beers but i was sotally tobber ossifer" aaaaanywho. i didnt put anything n it even though it was bleeding for over an hour! i didnt want anything stingy touching it. by the time i got back to telluride The Chad basically tied me down and put neosporin on it but its just getting worse every day! i am not going to the doctor. im not. hes gonna want to poke it and thats gonna hurt. i figure ill just get gangreene and let my foot fall right off. problem solved.

#2) i am pondering going to potrero. which is an SCA event (like historical reenactors for the medevial and renasance periods) that requires 4 days of camping. there will be more about this in the future but for now lets suffice to say i need clothes to wear to this and my favorite, and at this point only, dress i can wear to this is hurty on my shoulders. :0(. i came home from my ren faire vacay and drapped a patern for a bodice and got all the bones in the lining. i will post pix later. i went to walmart and bought some cream flannel cause i read in some blog somewhere thats how you keep the bones from showing through to the outer fabric. the skirt is in mid cartridge pleat stage (first time ive ever attempted draping or cartirdge pleating id just like to say). i am finding this eassier than gathering on the machine but i dont have a gathering foot yet. :0) pulling all that fabric along the machine stitched threads and then sewing all the bulk onto the bodice is just difficult. so so far i am liking the cartridge pleatting we'll see how the attaching to the bodice goes. oh ps. the dress is a really pretty purple color. ren faire nono but i think its ok for sca. i bought it with cecilia lightfoot and i think shed have said no if it was a nono.

#3) The Chad is GONE YAY! ok i am a horrible wife who deserves 1000 lashes but let me continue. i GET to spread my sewing projects ALL over the whole house for the next three days. :0D AND hes looking at a new job that will get me out of the freekin wilderness. although not get me back to LA but he said he has some ideas of where to apply there AND cecilia gave me the best idea ever (cause this being away from my dear lyondemere friends was making me all bitter and evil). i was so mad that he was just gonna take the job in kansas city cause it fell in his lap instead of looking for a job he really wanted (editing movie trailers) in LA. we she, in all her wizdom told me to say "i will be ok with moving to kansas city if you get offered the job as long as you apply to some places in LA and seriously persue those as well" and you know what shes right i will be ok with it then but man the dude is lucky he always has something show up when he needs it so its made him too lazy to look for something he might REALLY like. ok now i miss The Chad. how much longer till he gets home?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

word of the day

so my friends michelle and al and i have this making up our own words thing we do. for example:
*verbosapien- that walking dictionary/thesaurus person you know. who needs websters?! you've got them.
*testiculate-macho posturing
*verbiculate-when you are waaaay too descriptive and wordy for no good reason (that one's curtesy of The Chad)
aaaaaaaanywho mich sent me and email today and i just thought id share cause i got a total kick out of it.

email from michelle:
I just discovered a new word in my textbook -
Prenylation: covalent attachment of an isoprenoid molecule
I prefer to think of it more simply as 'the attachment of Pren'

Saturday, April 19, 2008


ugh telluride

ok so if this guys little shpiel doesnt say it all about telluride then i dont know what does. of course hes from telluride. yeah yeah the cat it grooming (more like tasting repeatedly) the rat and that adorable or whatevs but i want you to observe that the guy says hes been "studying" blah blah blah "for ten years but not in any college or anything just on my own". god help me. why? WWWWHHHHYYYYYYY!?

Monday, April 7, 2008

pigmy puffs

i made a free pattern for these cute lil guys. of course since its harry potter related you can find the pattern along with a bunch of pix over in this post at Wilcox Wizard Wares. but i think they would make a cute furry little toy for someone who doesnt know anything about harry potter. you can make them in any color eyelash yarn comes in which is cool. go crazy let your creativity run wild!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


so a friend from my hippie sew yahoo group named kathi asked me to make her a hat modeled after the american girl doll julies hat. it looks like this----------->
i tried and tried to use a flower doily pattern to make it look exactly like that one but finially came to the conclusion that doilies are not supposed to be worn on your head :0). so i used the bernat pattern found here (you may have to register to get their free patterns but they dont send anything to your email so i think its totally worth it. )and was fairly pleased with the resulting product. i did change the bottom edge to a scalloped pattern to look more like the julie hat. i used the yarn they recomended which was their "cool crochet" yarn. it was a little splitty and so took some getting used to. it was also the smallest yarn and hook that i had worked with to date. it was a very thin worsted weight i think. i have also used their satin yarn which i also found to be a splitty sort of yarn. maybe its the brand in general im not sure. blah blah blah onto the final pix:

kathi modeling her hat------->

oohhh lookey one for me too! there was enough yarn in one ball to make two hats so that was a bit of a deal. it WAS close but there was enough.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


so my friends michelle and al came to visit this last week (yup thats them on the left!) and i gave them their christmas present (finally). it was a crochet kiwi that i made from this pattern . i was gonna make them a blue footed booby (because mich didnt think they were real till i showed her one) but i couldnt find a pattern for that. while i was serching, however, i found the kiwi pattern and thought "wow! now thats wierd.....they simply MUST have one!" so i made it and heres the result. they named him murray!

while murray does look like a kiwi in his natural habitat you may be thinking just for "comparison sake how about a picture of a real kiwi?"

you ask. i provide!

now you may be saying to yourself "gee, i sure wish i knew some fun facts about kiwis." well i can help you out there too!
1) the kiwi is the only bird in the world with nostrils on the end of its beak (you just dont get enough opportunities to type the word nostrils. so this ones a two fer)
2) kiwis have the biggest egg in proportion to its body size of any bird in the world. kiwi (size of a chicken) egg (size of an ostrich egg). ouch!
3) ALL kiwi species are endangered. well this ones not so fun i just thought you should know but you can help here there are losts of cool facts and pictures over there too.

now some MORE fun!!!! heres a kiwi sound
and for your viewing pleasure a kiwi movie


this is by far my favorite comercial right now. that poor dog is desprate for a sausage.